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Intricate, meticulously designed and crafted jewelry

Intricate, meticulously designed and crafted jewelry and bracelets cost an arm or a neck lol, you either had to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for designer jewelry or settle for cheaply made copy cats.

Hi, my name is Younes, and I am the founder of Fine Relic. I was always fond of watches and fashion accessories, and I've always looked for value when purchasing such items. My previous venture in buying and selling watches have shown me that prices are unbelievably inflated, by sometimes up to 6 times the cost. This is due to how many parties are involved in this trade. As for designer jewelry, well most often 90% of the price is just the name, it probably costs a 10th of the price to make.

Immense Value and Affordable for everyone

Fine Relic's mission is to design, craft and sell beautifully made jewelry and fashion accessories directly to our customers, no middle man.
We also use the most efficient manufacturing process that exists, cutting waste and costs along the way.
Our jewelry and bracelets are crafted using the latest 3d printing technology, then hand polished for a final uniquely designed product that offers immense value.

Made-to-Order in New York

Fine Relic operates on a made-to-order business model, where we craft each piece once your order is placed.
All our products are designed in Montreal and locally made in New York, supporting our economy.


We use cutting edge technology and materials to manufacture our jewelry, one piece at a time. This allows to cut costs and not have any inventory, passing the savings to you.
Like you, we wanted to wear the finest jewelry there is, and we believe luxury should be attainable.

Our inspiration comes from the things we love: Simple geometry and lines, Nature, architecture, design, and fiction . Our logo is a symbol inspired by our founder's original home, Morocco.

The star or Pentagram is a symbol of love, joy, wisdom, peace, and hope.

We wish to help you look and feel great every time you wear Fine Relic Jewelry.