Stop worrying and just wear some cuff bracelets already

Stop worrying and just wear some cuff bracelets already

Guys, chaps, lads, fellows, people, stop overthinking, with the arrival of the smartphone and smartwatches, everyone predicted the downfall of traditional and mechanical watches, there was no need for them according to doomsday reporters.

But I m here to say years later, that none of their predictions occurred, in fact, the opposite happened, traditional watches have gained popularity, refined their offering and went beyond the purposes they were supposed to accomplish, which is to tell time. 

Today watches are a statement, a style declaration, a social standing and much more.

With this much-needed liberation and change, jewelry, and in particular bracelets, have also become an alternative wrist game, we've seen all types of bracelets, charms, beaded, chain, tennis, bangle and the list goes on.

Cuff Bracelets

Octagon Cuff

We opted as a brand at Fine Relic for cuff bracelets primarily for a few things

  • Simple wearable designs that blend and fit nicely to any outfit or style
  • Easy to wear - we barely have time for ourselves in this fast-paced information age, cuffs seemed the most efficient way to accessorize yourself without wasting any seconds, however funny or tragic this sounds. Unlike chains who might require someone's help to put on when 2 hands are not enough, or bangles that become sometimes hard to put on after the holidays ( for some of us at least ), cuffs require a simple on and off gesture.
  • Affordability - manufacturing cuffs require minimum manipulation, without gemstones setting, which is time and labor consuming, our cuffs can be trendy, luxurious without the high markups, passing the savings to you.

Minimal Cuff

Make no mistake, despite their affordable and competitive prices, our bracelets are designed to be the ultimate expression of style, quality, and beauty. We opted to be a value brand, offering you that special cuff or bracelet for daily wear or special occasion, in the finishing of your choice, while maintaining our prices accessible to our fans.

Classic Cuff

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