How Fine Jewelry is Made

“Fine” commonly refers to jewelry that is produced with precious metals such as 925 sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold and uses precious and semi-precious stones.

Design Process

Jewelry Design 3D Modeling

Like all things made, our Fine jewelry designs start with an idea, inspired by our brand's vision of simplicity and elegance. From a single sketch or drawing, we 3d model our collection to better visualize the results, by applying colour, changing the size and making renders to see the final product.

3D Render of Jewelry Design

3D Printing

Thanks to today's advances in 3d printing, we can print our design in a multitude of materials, usually, we start by using plastic to get a real-life feeling.


From there we create a direct mould of the 3d model so we can inject it with the precious metal that the product is offered, our prime metal is 925 solid sterling silver, but we also use 14k or 18k gold. These metals can last a lifetime with minimal care.

Our Simple Cuff Bracelet made using 925 Sterling Silver

Jewelry Polishing - Creating the Final Product


Brushes Used to Polish Fine Jewelry

Using the permanent mould, we create the final product, which goes into extensive hand polishing using brushes and different tools as shown in the pictures above by highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, the polishing process begins with roughcasts of the final product to unlock the final and envisioned beauty of our jewelry.

Fine Polished Product Shown - Fine

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