Fine Relic - A New Brand for Affordable and Sophisticated Fine Jewelry

Fine Relic puts luxury first, through design, using precious metals and outstanding craftsmanship, our jewelry pieces are made for daily wear for a lifetime.

Like you, we wanted to wear the finest jewelry there is, and we believe luxury should be accessible, we source all our fine metals and gemstones locally, here in Montreal Canada, and we use the finest craftsmanship to produce our pieces.

By selling directly to you, and not through traditional retails stores, we can design, manufacture and make beautiful, contemporary and simple fine jewelry for both men and women for a fraction of the price in retail stores.

Our inspiration comes from the things we love: Nature, architecture, design and fiction. Our logo is a symbol inspired by our founder's original home, Morocco.

The five stars is a symbol of love, joy, wisdom, peace and hope.

We hope you will be proud and enjoy wearing Fine Relic Jewelry for years to come.