Cool Bracelets

Looking for cool bracelets that have sex appeal?

 Cool Bracelets

It turns out, similar to how a nice pair of new shoes could enhance your sneaker collection, a new offering in bracelets can complement anything you're wearing. The Pyramid Cuff Bracelet in Silver Rhodium Plating or 14k Gold plating is an example of a bracelet with wearable sex appeal.

Using geometric simple shapes and forms, this minimalistic bracelet shows that you can be fashion-forward and wear anything. All our collection is designed to be unisex, If you want a simplistic, affordable, everyday look that fits into your everyday wardrobe, Fine Relic bracelets are just the products for you.

Large Pyramid Cuff

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The Brand: Fine Relic


Established in 2019, Fine Relic is built up from the latest innovative technology in terms of the products' design, manufacturing, and comfort.


The Bracelets offer various designs for men and women, we are serious about making affordable luxury bracelets and designs to delight the eye, and the entire family, including our plastic collection.


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