Affordable Minimalist Jewelry Brand

Founded by Younes, in Montreal, Canada, Fine Relic is about a simple mission statement that allows anyone to wear high quality and affordable minimalist jewelry. Designs based on simple geometry and clean lines have a chic and understated look, without the high markups.

A simple mission statement that allows anyone to wear high quality and affordable minimalist jewelry

Minimal Cuff
The brand achieves affordability through a direct-to-consumer and made-to-order business model, where our products are sold directly to you, bypassing wholesalers, retailers, and legacy brick and mortar stores.

All our products are made-to-order also, this means that we do not hold inventory and our products are based on the orders we receive making every product sold a personalized one.

Striking minimalist jewelry for men and women

Large Pyramid Cuff Bracelet
Fine Relic offers chic pieces with a view to sustainability. The label creates timeless, elegant jewelry in small quantities and offers a wide selection of cuff bracelets for both men and women.

Various jewelry brands in the world offer stylish and beautiful jewelry, Fine Relic is one of the first to use on-demand 3d printing technology to offer our collections in a variety of materials, focusing primarily on Gold and Rhodium plated brass and stainless steel, while occasionally offering our designs in solid sterling silver or 14k gold, while still being an affordable minimalist jewelry brand.

Gold Pyramid Bracelet

With minimalist jewelry becoming more and more popular with many fashionistas and even with customers who prefer it simple, the stores that sell a good selection of minimalist jewelry gain great popularity. Fine Relic strives to always design minimalistic jewelry that is unique with an aesthetic appeal.
Classic Cuff Bracelet
We offer striking minimalist jewelry for men and women that can easily depict the urban landscape, modern art, and architecture, in a multitude of beautiful choice of materials and finishes including 14k rose gold plating and rhodium plating.

Fine Relic is a maker of classic modern & minimalist jewelry for men and men. Each piece is made using the latest technology with attention to detail, so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality and price possible.

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