5 Good Reasons I will order the Tesla Cybertruck

And why it will be the Best Pickup Truck

Tesla Cybertruck on the road

Tesla's reveal of the Cybertruck was nothing short of unexpected, controversial, polarizing and other synonyms for utter disbelief and shock. 

The most remarkable aspect was obviously the design when the truck rolled on stage, everyone didn't know what to say or feel about it, once the shock settled, many were either in denial or in love.

This is no surprise, as a 3D artist and designer, the Tesla Cybertruck is what we call a primitive object, a polygon, and other nerdy nicknames for basic.

But despite that it's a rough and basic design, the Tesla Cybertruck is a winner and here is why:


Tesla Cybertruck in the desert

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better. This will create a better world for us and future generations, and the numbers here matter: 2.9 million pickup trucks have been sold last year, and this year is not slowing down. They have moved beyond the work and contractor vehicle of choice, with inviting interiors, updated infotainment systems and 4x4 capability, pickup trucks are family and leisure vehicles too. 

But the category has almost nullified car efficiency gains, this is why the market must have a serious environmental contender, with zero emissions and up to 500 miles range, the Tesla Cybertruck is king in its category.


Tesla Cybertruck offroad

 According to Tesla, the Cybertruck does a 0 to 60 in under 2.9 seconds using the top range of the vehicle, given its weight and size, it's sizable and unbeatable performance. It will be able to tow from 7500 lbs using the single motor rear-wheel-drive up to 14000 lbs using the tri-motor trim. Having a higher maximum payload and towing capacity exceeds the pickup truck buyer's expectations.


Tesla Cybertruck Side View

The Cybertruck starting price will be $39000, deduct what you spend yearly on gas and add to it a strong resale value, not only you 've got a futuristic, record-breaking performance pickup truck, but an excellent deal too. 


Tesla Cybertruck Interior

This one as mentioned is controversial, and yes I m not blind, Tesla could have designed something more conventional, but I m glad they didn't. For years the legacy corporations have literally created awkward hybrid cars on purpose, while they had all the financial means to do otherwise, and contribute to a better world, they have made the likes of Honda Insight and Toyota Prius to name a few, some of the most hideous cars there is, and for years did not update them, making them less than a niche market. Until Tesla came along and made the Model S, X and 3. These 3 cars have nothing extraordinary about them, they are simple and practical. Something to make you seriously wonder why every manufacturer in the world did not have such a vision or will.

The Cybertruck design is efficient, straightforward and out of this world cool. Its eccentric basics are what make it the most futuristic vehicle you can buy. You no longer have to wait for the future or only watch it on sci-fi films, it is here in its total glory, technological advances, and benefits. 

The Cause

Tesla Cybertruck Front View

This one is a personal view, and I know many share the same belief. Not a single premium brand in more than 50 years, despite their astronomical financial profits, has given a serious shot at making a serious electric car for the world, not only that but a startup, with limited funding, was able to create something truly spectacular in every aspect: Performance, Technology, Safety, Environmental, etc, 

Legacy manufacturers including premium car brands have for years literally laughed at the consumer, charging us for a map update at $2000 or more, $2000 for a 2inch bigger screen. they chose not to innovate for who-knows-what reason, so why should the world continue to reward such mediocrity.

To me, Tesla is more than a car company, it is a huge evolutionary step for humanity to make the switch and shift to sustainable energy vehicles and a cleaner, better world for us and future generations.

As the founder of Fine Relic, it was important for me to write this article and share my opinion. My inspiration for designing jewelry is geometry, simple lines and fiction, and the Tesla Cybertruck is literally the coolest thing my eyes have seen, and will definitely inspire not only jewelry designers but every industry out there.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be an icon for generations to come.